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Chambers of Commerce

Prescott Valley
Chino Valley

Hiking Resources

Prescott Area

Prescott Trail Maps
Prescott Outings Club
Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter

Phoenix Area

Arizona Outdoor & Travel Club (AOTC - Dave Nelson's Phoenix Club)
Live to Hike (Phoenix)
The Squaw Peak Hiker (Phoenix)


Arizona Experience logo The Arizona Experience

The Arizona Experience website was launched in 2012 to celebrate Arizona’s centennial. It is filled with interactive maps, timelines, virtual 3D flythroughs, and articles. One of the most notable maps is the Recreational and Cultural Sites Map (interactive, online version of ACERT paper map).

Hiking Safety

This link was found by Brittany from Maine who thought it would be useful for our web site. Thank you to Brittany and the Cole Memorial Library.

Backpacking Guide

This link was sent in by the Enriching Kids summer program in New York. They found this guide which includes information on Planning, Prepping, Gear, and Safety. Thanks, Enriching Kids.


3 PHC Monkeys

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