The Prescott Hiking Club is located in Prescott, Arizona. Hikes are offered for all ability levels several days per week; we also have camping trips, and periodic picnics and parties. Members live in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and other Central Yavapai County areas. Dues are $5 per person, annually. Membership is open to anyone interested.

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Gisela after hiking in the fire ashes.


This photo was taken after a tough hike to the top of Little Granite Mountain in early December, 2013

Special Events and Announcements

Event and Campout Summary (details are below)

Date Event
March 9-12 Apache Lake, AZ Campout
April 2 Planning Meeting
April 7-11 Valley of Fire, NV Campout
May 29 Picnic, Wekuvde Ramada, Granite Basin
Early July Lake Louise, Banff, BC Campout (tentative)
Mid-late September South Lake, near Bishop, CA (tentative)

Planning Meeting  

Charity Donation: After being approved at the August Planning Meeting, Greta Carriger proceeded with a donation of $500 to the 100 Club of Arizona. The funds are earmarked for the Hotshot families.

Treasury Status: After paying all bills, including the above donation, we currently have $1,674.

Pre-planning: Don't forget that you and shorten the meetings by filling out hikes on the Planning spreadsheet that is online. Watch your email for when it is posted. 

Next Planning Meeting

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

1) Plan special events, and
2) Decide where we’ll hike

Please show up and volunteer!

Kaye & Tom Sullivan, 13275 North Trail Blazer, Prescott 86305
Tel: 899-7770


Picnic, Thursday, May 29, 2014

Granite Basin Wekuvde Ramada

Fast and slow hikes at 8:30. Picnic 11:30 at FR-104 T-junction.

Potluck; bring your own plate, utensils, and chairs!

Moderate Hike Leader: Donna Overland, 772-3563.

Picnic Coordinator: Chris Maxwell, 732-735-2128

Map: Wekuvde Ramada


Important: Please notify campout leaders if you are planning to attend, or even thinking about really helps!!!

Apache Lake, Arizona
March 9—12: Sunday-Wednesday

This will primarily be a kayaking campout with some optional hiking. Apache Lake is northeast of Apache Junction.

Watch your email for more information

Joanne Polayes, 206-285-6549, or 928-642-7447.

Valley of Fire, NV
April 7—11: Monday-Friday

The campout will be in the Valley of Fire State Park north of Las Vegas.

The Group Site is reserved.

There are motels available 14 miles from the campground.

More information will be available on March 1.

Call Lynda Jerome on  772-1340 for more information.

Tentative Future Campouts

Early July 2014: Lake Louise, Banff, British Columbia.

Chris Ashley, 772-0132

September 2014: South Lake, near Bishop, CA.

Donna Overland,  772-3563

Aluminum Alert!!!!!

Keep those aluminum cans coming!!! The club treasury is in great shape thanks to all of you members who are helping the environment and PHC by recycling.

Julius & Inge Dembinski are still accepting cans at 3050 N. Lynx Lake, Prescott Valley, 759-2410.

PLEASE crush the cans first, and cans ONLY; no garbage.

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