The Prescott Hiking Club is located in Prescott, Arizona. Hikes are offered for all ability levels several days per week; we also have camping trips, and periodic picnics and parties. Members live in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and other Central Yavapai County areas. Dues are $5 per person, annually. Membership is open to anyone interested.

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Gisela after hiking in the fire ashes.


This photo was taken after a tough hike to the top of Little Granite Mountain in early December, 2013

Special Events and Announcements

Event and Campout Summary (details are below)

Date Event
September 12 Fall Picnic, location to be decided
October 10-11 Prescott Great Outdoor Festival, Prescott

Participants in any Prescott Hiking Club event assume total responsibility for his or her own safety and well-being.

March Planning Meeting News

Club News: As gasoline prices have fallen under $3/gallon, the rate for drivers will drop to 7¢/mile.

The planning meeting attendees voted to investigate creation of a non-profit 501-C4 organization to provide protection from negligence lawsuits against club members and club activities. Meetings will be conducted duriung the summer to vote on a plan of action after investigation is completed by club volunteers.

Next Planning Meeting

August 12, 2015, Wednesday, 7:00 PM

s: Bill & Lisa Garnes
3148 Rainbow Ridge Drive
Prescott, AZ 86303

Please come and make a difference in the club—volunteer!

Upcoming Events

Fall Picnic
Saturday, September 12

Bring a potluck dish, your own plate and tableware. We are still looking for an official organizer for the picnic! If you can do it, call Susy Whann at 928-776-7124.

Prescott Great Outdoor Festival
Sat/Sun, October 10-11
10:00 AM-5:00 PM

The Prescott Hiking Club would like to have a booth again this year to support the Festival and get the PHC name out to the community. If you could help with organizing or working a shift to staff the booth, call Susy Whann at 928-776-7124.


No campouts this summer! No volunteers to lead any!

Aluminum Alert!!!!!

Keep those aluminum cans coming!!! The club treasury is in great shape thanks to all of you members who are helping the environment and PHC by recycling.

Julius & Inge Dembinski are still accepting cans at 3050 N. Lynx Lake, Prescott Valley, 759-2410.

PLEASE crush the cans first, and cans ONLY; no garbage.

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